It undergoes a transfiguration to place attracting creative worker by astringent juice ⾕ stream which redeveloped home of former Toyoko Line astringent juice ⾕ Station and track ruins and re-⽣, maintenance of astringent juice ⾕ river by public-private cooperation and ⽔ side space.

Shibuya stream aerial photography image


Promotion of process of development and town planning of Shibuya

Redevelopment around Shibuya Station starts with the Shibuya Hikarie opening of business of 2012 as a start in earnest.

Shibuya stream becomes basement by mutual extension operation start of Toyoko Line and Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line and is project utilizing home of former Toyoko Line Shibuya Station that was not used, track ruins and the outskirts district.

The south side of Shibuya Station undergoes a transfiguration with eriahe attracting creative worker by development of new facility "Shibuya stream" and reproduction, maintenance of the Shibuya River by public-private cooperation and waterside space.

  • 2012 Shibuya Hikarie opening of business image photograph
    2012 Shibuya Hikarie opening of business
  • It is image photograph Toyoko Line, Shibuya Station basement for 2,013 years
    2013 Toyoko Line, Shibuya Station basement
  • 2015 Shibuya stream start of construction image photograph
    2015 Shibuya stream start of construction
  • 2018 Shibuya stream opening of business image photograph
    2018 Shibuya stream completion, opening of business


People and river and time go by
"Sacred place for creative workers"

This area where center of commerce and redevelopment that it was separated and was never large have not been carried out by Route 246 in the south side of Shibuya Station.

Space attracting people living for the creative to this frontier which has not been stained with several colors yet either is born.

There is creativity and changes a person's flow and brings moisture in town.

It is platform which draws much individuality, and causes chemical reaction.


Naming concept

We expressed street that track ruins of Shibuya River which flowed to snuggle up to site and former Toyoko Line Shibuya Station were gentle and loaded facility name called "Shibuya stream" with thought to send new monothing born from experience, interchange, challenge here to the world, and to want to continue bringing about flow in the next generation when it was new as "sacred place of creative worker".


We express moment when idea intersects

Idea "moment and idea that appeared from person "i" "idea "logo in two meanings called moment to intersect.
"Form of "cross/intersection" is covered by no.
It contains congested meaning although being in the simple form and is design element which can unfold for communication and signature.


Design which symbolized near future

We locate lengthwise white panel at random so that activity of Shibuya breathes. It is facade full of originality that ideates near future of town, and was designed to shine as symbol universally. The hall aims at signature function and space direction and has coloring of lines of flow such as escalator or elevator in vivid yellow. Design architect coelacanth and associates (CAt).

Coelacanth and associates (CAt)

Coelacanth and associates (CAt)

1986, Kazuhiro Kojima during Doctoral degree course in University of Tokyo Graduate School attendance at school, Takayuki Ito and others seven are co-founding in coelacanth. We are renamed to coelacanth and associates (C+A) in 1998. Design diverges into many branches from public buildings such as government building or school, overseas project to house and office, station building. Receiving a prize including Architectural Institute of Japan prize (work), Togo Murano Prize, BCS prize and prize for good design.
As CAt (C+A tokyo) and CAn (C+A nagoya), we are announcing building at home and abroad now based in Tokyo, Nagoya.

Panel facade (lofty part)

Panel facade (lofty part)

Lofty part is random and warm, and it locates in combination lengthwise white panel and window. Furthermore, by design leading to guradeshonaru from the surface of the earth filled with activities to the sky, we plan harmony with the outskirts and relax feeling of pressure.

Porous (low-rise building part)

We establish porous (hole) connecting the outside and the inside and, including the grand staircase which is on the first to the second floor, and is connected, are segmental finely between the sky. By space design like Shibuya who added comfortable complexity like alley, we create bustle.

Porous (low-rise building part)

The roof, wall surface tree planting

We plant trees in the roof and wall surface on lower floors. With row of cherry blossom trees and bustle space maintained along the Shibuya River, we form scenery filled with moisture of nature that healing is felt among Shibuya who is big city.

The roof, wall surface tree planting


Facility summary

The location
3-21-3, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Office, store, hotel, hall, parking lot
Deferred floor space
About 116,000㖡
Number of floors
35 stories above the ground and 4 stories underground
About 180m
Tokyu Architects & Engineers
Design architects: Kazuhiro Kojima + Kazuko Akamatsu/coelacanth and associates (CAt)
Office lobby architect: SUPPOSE DESIGN OFFICE
Lighting design: Azumi Oka lighting drawing office
Signature: GK design
Environmental direction (space design, picture, sound): TOKYU AGENCY /TAKT PROJECT Inc./WOW Inc./evala
Shibuya Station south block project new construction construction joint venture
The opening of business
September 13, 2018