We can thoroughly enjoy French wine, dishes! Of wine compare by drinking; pairing course

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Wednesday, February 26 19:30-21:30
3,500 yen (it includes all the meal charges, pairing course charges)
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[Shibuya stream social gourmet part]

We can enjoy three of "we interchange" "tasting" "experiencing" at the same time,
Club activities that featured the theme of meal, Shibuya stream social gourmet part.
It became the third because of favorable reception.

In this holding store, of popularity French cuisine and discerning French wine
It is "bar à vin CROISÉE".

It is casual wine special plan which we cannot readily experience in usual times.
Of French wine that sommelier selected carefully drink, and experience competing and pairing,
And we can thoroughly enjoy special French menu of bar à vin CROISÉE!

While sensing charm of French wine, dishes bodily,
It is wonderful time to be able to learn knowledge concerning meal by sommelier of France together.

"Difference between champagne and sparkling not to listen to now? Actually.",
"French? In fact, do you want to know more in various ways?"
Though "it is vinosity, it will be by charm of French wine"
"‥ that hurdle is slightly high in formal wine seminar"
"We are interested, but maemaekara French will not have the threshold high…"
"Anyway, we like wine and want to know wine in various ways want to drink! "
"Delicious curiosity gathers and wants to talk about meal"

It is good to such people!
You can ask sommelier about French wine, dishes directly.
Taking this occasion, while learning charm and how to taste French wine, dishes not to usually listen to,
Let's find new way of enjoying!

①Macaron of foie gras
②Two kinds of French appetizers
③Red sea bream poeler
④Roast of *kamo
⑤Gateau chocolate

※There is possibility to be changed by the stocking situation
※Photograph is image.