★Let's enjoy spring when we are a little early while looking at Kawazu-zakura ★ "The second astringent juice three cherry tree festival"

[period] From Friday, February 21 to Sunday, March 8 (plan)
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"The second astringent juice three cherry tree festival" that planned holding as infection prophylaxis of new type of pneumonia coronavirus which occurred at home and abroad
As we would cancel events conduct of - 7 Friday on Friday, March 6, we will tell on Friday for from Friday, February 28 to 29th.

※We are carrying out on schedule about "astringent juice three photocontest 2020" and "SAKURA STREAM".

Promenade "Shibuya reverse treat" along the Shibuya River to be able to enjoy early-blooming Kawazu-zakura ahead of spring. Illuminations to color Chankonabe and candle market, night sky beautifully are scheduled in "astringent juice three cherry tree festival" to become the second. By kotatsu plan of student device, kotatsu appears in Shibuya reverse treat! You can enjoy cherry blossom viewing feeling with Kawazu-zakura earlier.

[period] From Friday, February 21 to Sunday, March 8 (plan)

[place] Shibuya reverse treat

[sponsorship] Astringent juice three cherry tree festival executive committee

[support] Shibuya-ku

[cooperation] Kokugakuin University, Shibuya three orders eyes town assembly


★Astringent juice three photocontest 2020 <application period: From Friday, February 21 to Sunday, March 1>

We hold photocontest about "Kawazu-zakura" blooming in Shibuya reverse treat on Instagram! We respond in Instagram official account (@shibuyastream_official) of Shibuya stream and, from which had you put hashtag "# Shibuya reverse treat Kawazu-zakura" in Instagram during period and post photograph, give gorgeousness prize including accommodation coupon of Shibuya stream Excel Hotel Tokyu to excellence work.

●SAKURA STREAM <the night during the second astringent juice three cherry tree festival period>

We light up Kawazu-zakura and monument along Shibuya reverse treat beautifully.

●Cherry tree "relievedly" kotatsu <Friday, February 21, 28th Friday 15:00-21:00, 22nd Saturday, 29th Saturday 12:00-21:00>

By device of student, kotatsu comes up along Shibuya reverse treat! You enter kotatsu to one hand with drink, and please enjoy cherry blossoms.

●Chankonabe <Friday, February 21 15:00-18:00/Saturday, February 22 13:00-20:00>

You can taste real Chankonabe to make with large pan. ※It is finished as soon as it disappears

●Kokugakuin University cheerleading <Saturday, February 22 13:00-13:30>

Kokugakuin University drill competition department "SEALS" appears in Inari temple bridge open space in front of Shibuya stream and shows thiaperformance.

●Blue sky ☆Chessboard <Friday, February 28 15:00-21:00/Saturday, February 29 12:00-21:00>

Big chessboard comes up in Shibuya reverse treat. You like shogi as for me, and gather!

●New Shibuya candle market <Friday, March 6 17:00-21:00/Saturday, March 7 12:00-21:00>

From Shibuya stream King Maekane Bridge open space to promenade, many candle wagons open a store.​