About facility

Facility service

Information counter iconInformation counter

Place 2F
Business hours 10:00-21:00

Locker iconLocker

Place 2F
Business hours 4:30-25:00

Smoking area iconSmoking area

Place 1F, 2F, 3F, 4F

About electronic cigarette

As we might invite fear, misunderstanding to spoil comfort of other customers about smoking appliance not to use fire such as electronic cigarette and the imitation for, the use except smoking area is not expected.

ATM iconMizuho Bank ATM

Place 2F

Business hours

Monday 7:00-25:00
Fire - Friday 5:00-25:00
Saturday 5:00-22:00
Sunday 8:00-21:00
  • It is similar to each day for business hours of holiday.

AED (automated external defibrillator) iconAED (automated external defibrillator)

Place Each site in the hall

For emergency, we install AED in each site in the hall. Setting place, please confirm floor map of each floor.

Wi-Fi connection iconWi-Fi connection

Connectable area 1 - 4F (the outside targeted for hall)
  • There is area that is not available partly.
  • For connect time, 2-hour free Wi-Fi is available each time.
  • It is available again and again by having you reconnect after the use for two hours.

Connection method

  1. In available area, we validate Wi-Fi such as PC, smartphone you have.
  2. We choose "-SHIBUYA-Wi-Wi-Fi-" with network choice screen and start web browser.
  3. We perform the SNS certification or the e-mail address certification and are connected and, after checking Terms of Use and instructions of displayed login screen, are completed.
  • Connection method may vary according to terminals.

Door-to-door parcel delivery service iconDoor-to-door parcel delivery service

Yamato Transport Co.,Ltd. Shibuya stream courier service center

It is service that can deliver baggage brought in of customer to.

Place 2F information
Business day Year round (except closed days)
Business hours 8:00-21:00 (shipment deadline 19:00 on that day)
TEL 03-6427-4514
※Inquiry of overall Yamato Transport Co.,Ltd. 0120-01-9625 (carrying: 0570-200-000)

The handling credit card iconThe handling credit card

  • JCB
  • VISA
  • UC
  • Diners
  • American Express
  • MasterCard
  • Union Pay ginren

In addition, electronic money such as PASMO, Suica is available, too.
※We remove some stores

To customer using credit card

For safer credit card transactions, "password" (PIN) is necessary for credit card with IC tip as identity verification of customer.

  • In case such as not knowing whether you set password that has forgotten password, please refer to credit card company you have.

Customer with child

The nursing room iconThe nursing room

Place B1
Reception hours 7:00-24:00

There are two nursing space, diaper spare Bet one, water heater for milk formula.

Stroller rental service (free) iconStroller rental service (free)

Place 2F infomenshonkaunta B1 parking management room
Rental time 10:00-21:00 6:50-24:00

To customer with small child, we loan free. In addition, please note that number includes limit.

Customer of pet companion

It is icon about hojo dog, pet companionAbout pet companion

  1. The hall can be accompanied by guide dog, deaf person's dog, service dog in all the buildings.
  2. When he/she accompanies pet, 2, 3F passage, please use (whole bodies such as hands and feet or face are in a secret state) best among kyarike oko (even if store, hall, the hotel can enter best among kyarike, you cannot be accompanied).
  3. You put cage or reed (rope or chain) by all means, and please coordinate companion in open space short.
  4. Of lead bind, and please refrain from leaving of pet by reckoning.
  5. You handle disposal of excrement in the responsibility of owner, and please cope.
  6. Parking lot parking that left pet in the inside of car is not possible.
  • About accident and trouble due to pet, please note that you cannot take any responsibility.
    I would like understanding, cooperation so that all customers can spend comfortably.

Barrier-free service

Wheelchair rental service (free) iconWheelchair rental service (free)

Place 2F infomenshonkaunta B1 parking management room
Rental time 10:00-21:00 6:50-24:00

To inconvenient customer of body, we loan free. In addition, please note that number includes limit.