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Seafood restaurant "XIRINGUITO Escriba" providing paella delicious most in Spain Barcelona that opens in 1992, and continues being loved more than 25 years by local person is the Japanese's first landing! Including "Galicia wind of octopus" and "seviche" which used fresh fishery products abundantly, please have paella that extract of seafood was condensed with colorful Sangria.

Business hours, the last order
LUNCH/11:00 - 17:00 (L.O. 17:00)
DINNER/17:00 - 23:00 (L.O. FOOD 22:00/DRINK 22:30)
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Lunch dinner reservation is possible
The number of seats
84 seats (76 seats of tables, eight seats of counters)
Private room
Party is reserved
Service for children
There are kids' menu, kids' chair
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We compare by drinking wine and sell "degusutashionsetto" with special price!

Wednesday, March 4 limitation! We compare by drinking wine and sell "degusutashionsetto" with special price! In XIRINGUITO Escribà, we will sell degusutashionsetto by limitation in commemoration of visit to Japan of winegrower Casa, Rojo (umbrella roho) only in 1st. Umbrella roho is expert group of wine structure to aim at "making wine of great single kind with superior production place and aboriginality kind" by unique project consisting of Spanish plural young brewers or sommeliers! Set oogo preparation that drinks 3-7 kinds of wine at reasonable price in chiringitoesukuriba on Wednesday, March 4, and can compete. You can enjoy casual wine dinner only for 1 night to be able to taste the world of umbrella roho with paella and tapa of esukuriba. All of umbrella roho of producer is going to come to the store on that day! As you heard making a reservation, please use. All the staff look forward to your visit!



It is recommended to <welcome and farewell party!>Popular dinner course

It is recommended to <welcome and farewell party!> We offer popular dinner course which the use by taking a seat is available for 5,280 yen ... (tax-included service charges) to up to 20 people in XIRINGUITO Escriba! Including patatasuburabasu where is popular in esukuriba, it is all eight articles of very popular courses that can choose paella you like or fideua! Welcome and farewell party of this year is our restaurant of Shibuya Station direct connection by all means, and how is Spanish with delicious liquor? Please feel free to contact vacant seats!