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Seafood restaurant "XIRINGUITO Escriba" providing paella delicious most in Spain Barcelona that opens in 1992, and continues being loved more than 25 years by local person is the Japanese's first landing! Including "Galicia wind of octopus" and "seviche" which used fresh fishery products abundantly, please have paella that extract of seafood was condensed with colorful Sangria.

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LUNCH/11:00 - 17:00
DINNER/17:00 - 23:00 (L.O. FOOD 22:00/DRINK 22:30)
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84 seats (76 seats of tables, eight seats of counters)
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3F Floor

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[autumn new menu start] Mushrooms and pumpkin, menu using seasonal ingredients including chestnut are all nine articles!

We appreciate your always using XIRINGUITO Escribà. "Paella of mushrooms of Porcini ⾹ ru six kinds" which let shi ⽤ does mushrooms to be able to enjoy autumn taste abundantly, and taste condense and side menu using seasonal ⾷ materials such as pumpkin and bonito, pear start as new menu in all nine articles of autumns! Paella which seems to be autumn when we add "paella of mushrooms of Porcini ⾹ ru six kinds" of seeds null paella to fresh mushrooms, ⿊ abalone mushrooms characterized by a feeling of ⾷ such as crunchy abalone to Grifola frondosa tojimeji, elingi mushroom done saute with olive oil, and shi ⽤ did six kinds of mushrooms of the world three ⼤ mushrooms and done Porcini abundantly! Furthermore, write skipjack stock made in order itadakotode, the ⾃s and can enjoy ochazuke set which is available by additional order until last mouthful if you like in green onion and true ⼭ hajikami of spice! By menu like autumn to be able to enjoy with wine and Sangria, please enjoy arrival that person ⾜ is quick in in autumn in chiringitoesukuriba♪



Popular desert "basque-style cheesecake" of esukuriba starts takeout sale!

We appreciate your always using XIRINGUITO Escribà. Popular desert "basque-style cheesecake" of esukuriba started takeout sale from September 14, 2020! Popular dessert of esukuriba where there are many customers that basque cheesecake which we brown well and finished in classical music comes for the purpose of cheesecake from opening for three years in. Can enjoy such an authentic basque-style cheesecake at home! Sales price ▼ One 650 yen Four 2,600 yen Six 3,900 yen → 3,250 yen [advantageous for one by six orders] ※We will deliver products as freezing. ※I can enter takeout BOX for exclusive use of esukuriba from with four and hand! As it becomes the end as soon as it disappears, please refer to 03-5468-6300 (store phone number) about stock of store. Please use "basque-style cheesecake" of esukuriba in reward to present and oneself rather famous♪



Winebottle half price campaign! September is lineup of esukuriba luxurious in commemoration of the second anniversary!

We appreciate your always using XIRINGUITO Escribà. Decision held very popular winebottle half price campaign in September! May say the second anniversary of esukuriba this month; luxurious lineup! All this target wine had in technique "biodinami" and "biorojikku" for making naturalism wine! In addition, by having you enjoy mineral water with wine, mineral water of "Sanpellegrino" and "akuapanna" is at half price to be able to enjoy wine and meal and offers! Is recommended to person who wants to enjoy various types little by little, drink, and compare, and offer set from 1,650 yen (3type)! Please enjoy with Spanish of esukuriba ♪ All the staff look forward to your visit.



Under takeout-limited combined sales! It is home with authentic paella, but!

We appreciate your always using XIRINGUITO Escribà. In esukuriba, we heard sale by takeout delivery that popular paella can enjoy at home! While chiringitosarada, hot sauce carry out campaign that addicting french fries "patatasuburabasu", most popular seafood paella "esukuribapaeria" can purchase in "4,500 yen" of 31%OFF only in takeout on weekdays! As I put together at time you like and make if you can make a reservation beforehand, we can have you do takeout without waiting time ♪ Please enjoy paella of esukuriba at home!